Security policy

Atlas Tech is personal data operator number:


According to law no. 677/2001 regarding personal security when processing personal data and free circulation of said data, modified and complete, Atlas Tech SRL has the obligation to securely administer the personal data provided in regard to family members or other people only for the specified purposes.


Protecting the safety and security of personal data is especially important to Atlas Tech SRL, hence, all Atlas Tech SRL activity is performed in accordance to the applicable law regarding the protection of the safety and security of said data. By accessing the, all visitors agree to respect the law in force and the given Policy of personal data security. The processing of personal data is done through both automatic and manual mean, while under the legal requirements and in conditions that assure security, confidentiality and the respect for the regarding person’s rights. The personal information processed by Atlas Tech SRL can be revealed in the scenarios mentioned by the modified and complete law no. 677/2001, to the following: the person it regards and their legal representatives, governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, private institutions.

Personal data

The website will not collect any personal data from the visitors if they don’t wish to provide it (by registering into private sections of the online resources, by completing forms and questionnaires about physical shape, etc), or in case they don’t consent to the processing of personal data. Also, in case collecting certain personal data is forbidden by law or other regulations, Atlas Tech SRL takes it upon itself to not register said data. Any person accessing Atlas Tech SRL resources that provide personal data and information, including the cases when it is done through certain forms and questionnaires, agrees formally and clearly to only use said data to: -perform studies and statistics; -store and process said information in order to help Atlas Tech SRL achieve its goals and objectives; -other activity undertook by Atlas Tech SRL and permitted by law, that does not need to be approved by the user; -marketing including direct marketing, consisting of personal and/or commercial communication regarding commercializing products and services that Atlas Tech SRL provides, by any means of communication;


4.1 Legality

Processing of personal data is done based on and according to legal stipulations.

4.2 Well determined goal

Any processing of personal data is done with well determined, explicit and legitimate goals.

4.3 Confidentiality

The individuals performing the processing of personal data have a stipulated article about confidentiality.

4.4 The consent of the person concerned

A key element to processing the personal data is the approval person it regards needs to express, which is made based on thorough information and choice.

4.5 Informing

Informing the persons whose personal data is being processed is done by the institution that processes said data.


The data that is to be processed needs to be appropriate, pertinent and brief in reference to the purpose for which it is being collected and subsequently processed.

4.7 Protecting the persons concerned

According to the principle, the people whose personal data is being processed have access to it, may intervene upon it, they have the right to decline and not have to be subjected to an individual decision, they also have the right to address The National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing or The Court of Justice in order the defend any rights given by the law that may have not been respected.

4.8 Security

The security measures taken for the personal data are established so that they provide an optimal level of security for the processed data.

4.9 Notification

The personal data operator is notified by The National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing, having received an operator number.

The security of personal data

In order to protect the personal data from destruction be it accidental or illegal, loss, alteration or access of unauthorized persons, Atlas Tech SRL uses technical and organizational security measures. The personal data provided by the user or any other person will be used by Atlas Tech SRL only in the purpose declared in this policy. The data and information from the contact forms, questionnaires, scales, etc will be used only with the purpose declared in this policy. Atlas Tech SRL will not sell, offer or exchange E-mail addresses or any other personal information and will not divulge this information to other persons who may access the online resources.

The right of the people concerned

According to the law in force, number 677/2001, the concerned citizens have the following rights:

6.1 The right to information

6.2 The right to access the data

6.3 The right to modify the data

6.4 The right to decline

6.5 The right to not be subjected to an individual decision

6.6 The right to file a complaint to The National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing or address the court of law

Any person has the right to oppose, for legitimate reasons, to the processing of data that concerns them. Also, the right to oppose freely and without any justification, this refers also to processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes. In order to exert their rights the concerned person, according to law number 677/2001, a written complaint can be addressed, dated and signed to Atlas Tech SRL, Dornei Street, 121, Ap. 14, sector 1, Bucharest or to the E-mail address: Also, in order to denounce a failure to comply to the Law number 677/2001’s guaranteed personal rights any interested person ma address The National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing and/or The court of Law. More details and information can be found by contacting The National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing.

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