How to fix burnout syndrome on time

One of the most destructive emotional issues that affects active people is the burnout syndrome. Starting from passion and dedication to a job, the syndrome is set against the backdrop of stress, fatigue, inability to manage time.

Online psychotherapy for busy people

Emotional pain affects not only your relationship with others, but also your physical health. When you have no time or courage to see you face to face with a specialist, online psychotherapy is the solution. More details in Andreea Raicu’s article

Mental health and welfare services for employees

To to a good job at work, to be efficient meas to be in a good shape, both mentally and physically. But companies does not pay attention because they do not have the tools to measure the impact both in productivity and enployees engagement.

Managing gender gaps in large companies

Equality at work and access to gender leadership seem to be issues of the past in the current socio-economic context, but biological and social differences between women and men can not be denied.

How can we be effective without being exhausted?

Can we enjoy free time without being unproductive? Turn technology and social media into your friends, not into your enemies. Applications, new ways of interacting, workgroups, can let you manage your tasks at your job more easily.

The story of the stars who have suffered from depression

More than 2 million Romanians suffer from depression. A disease that darkens your life and affects everyone, and untreated can lead to suicide. Depression can hide behind any public figure, Andreea Raicua declared: “I cried a lot”

Young Entrepreneurs
in Health

The idea that Romania is not a good place for opening a business is contradicted by two young entrepreneurs who chose not to go abroad.

Two success stories of a couple of young men who have followed their dream of setting up a business…

Telepsychiatry and Telepsychology

Mental health is a fascinating field where many specialties such as psychiatry, psychology, neurology give a hand to understand the mysteries of how the human brain functions and its associated pathology. Lately, due to the technological revolution, significant progress has been made in improving the mental health of the population…

What is
online therapy?

Psychological “telepractice” refers to any type of help that is offered at a distance: by telephone, videoconference or email. Specialists say the emergence of this new type of assisted practice has greatly improved the lives of those who can not move but who need psychological support…

Tutoring for Mathematics or Online Psychotherapy

On a workday we hardly find time for personal problems. For those who are busy, good news makes its way under the form of a service market via videoconference…

Atlashelp, Romania’s first platform for online therapy

The Atlashelp online therapy platform was founded by psychiatrists Mihai Bran and Maria Ladea. The project is already successful because the advantages offered by this platform, compared to classical therapy sessions, are numerous. The system is also very simple to use…

Romanian Newsbulletin - Depression, 21st century illness

Depression remains an underdiagnosed disease. People do not go to the doctor, about 50% of all patients are diagnosed…

Digi24 Interview

Marian, an ATLAS user, managed to better balance his schedule with help from therapist Nicoleta Radu and Atlas – Find out more from a Digi24 interview where Mihai Bran, the co-founder of the platform, explains the benefits of the project with a real world case…

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