Psychotherapy is a way to help people when they experience mental disorders or emotional difficulties that they do not understand. Focused on the interpersonal relationship between the psychotherapist and the patient, psychotherapy can increase the quality of life by reducing or eliminating symptoms and problems.

The most common problems encountered by psychotherapy Specialists are:

  • Overwhelming feelings of sadness
  • Inability to deal with everyday problems
  • Difficulties in maintaining concentration on work, school or leisure time
  • Addiction to alcohol or drugs
  • The feeling that problems never improve
  • Sexual frustration
  • Lack of a balanced life

Because having a mental illness and / or going to a psychotherapist is very stigmatized in our society, sometimes, even friends and family are opposed to this method of seeking help, thus people who really need guidance and assurance do not receive assistance. Geographical limitation comes into play as well as the psychological blockage that makes the person seeking help confused about what form of therapy is necessary. All these factors, and more scare people from going to therapy.

What do the first psychotherapy sessions look like?

cum-sunt-primele-sesiuni-de-psihoterapieDuring the first sessions of psychotherapy, the Specialist will gather information about the issues they are struggling with and learn more about their patient. The psychotherapist will also explain his professional orientation and what types of therapy can be useful.

After a first session, the patient will know if he or she is comfortable with the Specialist, if the therapist’s style and personality are to his liking, and will largely understand how many therapy sessions are needed. The therapeutic relationship is very important for the healing process, and if you do not feel at ease talking to that person in front of you, you have to look for someone else.

Also, there is a great chance that your therapy experience will be completely different from what you read on the internet or talking to others.

There are several types of therapy

sunt-mai-multe-tipuri-de-terapieEach psychotherapist applies one or more types of therapy to the needs of each patient – being people with unique characteristics, a tailor-made approach is needed.

  • Behavioural Therapy – focuses on changing the visible behaviours of the present, where the therapist acts as an educator in order for the patient to understand how he can change his condition for the better if he changes his behaviour.
  • Cognitive Therapy – It’s about educating the patient to understand that emotions and emotional responses are not controlled by the events in his life, but rather on the analysis they make on them.
  • Interpersonal Therapy – It’s based on the idea that the mental disorder has been created in the context of difficulties encountered in dealing with loved ones such as friends, colleagues, and family.
  • Group Therapy – Involves a meeting with a small group of people (5-8). The advantages are interpersonal learning, improving social skills and group cohesion. Of course, there are also economic advantages, a meeting being cheaper.
  • Psychodynamic Therapy – Explore the relationship between conscious and unconscious, relying on the theories of Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler and Carl Jung.

and many others.

Difficulties in taking a step towards psychotherapy?

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