About us


Co Founder @ Atlas Help

Atlas is the place where knowledge is shared directly with the people looking for it, by specialists in the field. Atlas stands for secured video-conference, integrated payment platform, appointment management system, tools and personalized marketing materials.

As our first step, we concentrated on collaborating with specialists from three main areas: counselling, coach- ing and therapy, but we strongly believe that any know-how that can be shared through video-conference has a place on Atlas.

For us, the future brings a constant research into human needs and the development of a dynamic support platform that can keep up with this ever-changing environment.


The team

  • Maria Ladea
    Maria Ladea CO-FOUNDER
  • Andrei Ruxanda
    Andrei Ruxanda COMM SPECIALIST
  • Serban Mocanu
    Serban Mocanu GRAPHIC DESIGNER
  • Dan Cernaianu
    Dan Cernaianu GRAPHIC DESIGNER

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