About us


Co Founder @ Atlas Help

Atlas serves as a hub for Specialists who want to share their knowledge directly with people in need of guidance. Atlas is a video-conference platform which can be used for both online and offline meetings with the added benefit of being integrated with modern tools – integrated payment, appointment management system and personalized marketing materials, among others.

With Atlas, we are moving the industry forward into the digital era. In this era, we are focused on eliminating the stigma plaguing our society and, through this digitalization process, making mental wellbeing (counseling, therapy, coaching, parenting, nutrition and other related fields) more accessible to the wide populace.


The team

  • Maria Ladea
    Maria Ladea CO-FOUNDER
  • Andrei Ruxanda
    Andrei Ruxanda COMM SPECIALIST
  • Serban Mocanu
    Serban Mocanu GRAPHIC DESIGNER
  • Dan Cernaianu
    Dan Cernaianu GRAPHIC DESIGNER

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