Society is evolving at an alarming rate and our needs are tagging along accordingly. The stress and pressure of having to work in a corporate environment, where everything is performance driven, can have serious implications on the health and mental happiness of employees. And this leads to reduced work performance for those employees and increased costs for the company.

Atlas anticipated these needs and now offers companies the possibility to provide for their employees quick and easy access to mindfulness, therapy, parenting or personal development specialists, through our online platform. Simple, fast and secure.

Atlas offers you

The right specialists

Atlas has over 120 specialists in therapy, parenting, nutrition and coaching, ready to meet with online or offline. The platform offers an easy online booking system, automated billing and online payment through mobilPay.

The perfect match

Our support team is here to understand your challenges and match perfectly the employee with the specialist. Any extra answers can be fund through our 24/7 live assistance service.

10% off for all Atlas services

All partner employees enjoy our default 10% discount for all meetings on Atlas. Inquire about a full offer now, and bigger discounts.


Take control of your career and discover your true potential. Get inspired by our trainers and learn from the best from writing the perfect resume to closing major deals.

Learn to live a healthy life even outside the gym. The DOs and DON’Ts of healthy eating.

All you need to know about the joy of being a parent. Atlas specialists are qualified to help you grow a happy and healthy family.

Regain your balance and learn how it feels to live in the present.

We are born with a constant desire to become a better version of ourselves, to improve. Now you can find all the support you need on Atlas.

Company benefits

Presentism – the biggest cost

Employees who are battling with depression, anxiety or the lack of motivation are responsible for 40% of the presentism factor felt by a company. And presentism amounts to 80% from the total costs linked with lack of productivity. Thus the health and mental balance of your employees is just as important as their physical fitness.

lower costs

Atlas allows specialists to offer their services far easier and without added costs for the clients (travel expenses, babysitter, etc.), thus lowering the price for online meetings with 35%.

Increased productivity

Stressful situations at home or at the workplace can heavily affect a person’s concentration, thus lowering their professional productivity. Atlas specialists are always ready to help you overcome any challenge.

Complete benefits pack

Atlas is meant to be the perfect add-on for conventional benefits packages, filling the gap between Health and Fitness, with mindfulness, personal development and mental health services.

Employee benefits

No additional costs

On Atlas there are no extra costs (taxi, Uber, etc.) and you just pay the meeting.

Easy to find the right specialist

Now you can find all the specialists in just one place, and choose the perfect match for your challenges.

Easy service evaluation

The “first meeting free” option allows you to better get to know the specialist before committing to your collaboration, without any added costs.

Money back guarantee

Atlas offers the possibility to get reimbursed if don’t feel satisfied with the quality of the services you purchased.

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